Design by Accident

One of the best and productive applications that I have on my iPod is the Bing Application.  It’s a powerful application if you’re a user/fan of Bing.  Open it up and you’re searching for content using the Bing search engine.  You’ll see all of the popular search categories on the opening screen – Images, Movies, Maps, Businesses, News, and Directions.  Maps, in particular, are easy and helpful to use.  Most of all, it’s really quick.

Unfortunately, it’s an iPod application which causes challenges when used on the iPad.  The smaller size means that it appears as one of those small centred applications on a field of black.  Clicking on the 2x button will explode it in size but it really does become pixelated.  It’s particularly noteworthy if you enjoy the incredible images that Bing throws up on its opening screen.  Sigh.


So, what do you do when you want the same terrific app on the iPad?   You do what you would expect to … head back to the App Store to find the iPad version.  Unfortunately, here in Canada, it wasn’t there.  In fact, the original iPod version isn’t available there either.  Well, I guess the good news is that it was there at one time and I did get it.  Another big sigh.

As  I’m looking around, I happen to notice another iPad application though.  It’s called “Bing Wall Paper Today XL”.  It has a simple function – it downloads an image that you select to your iPad.  The images?  They’re the images that Bing uses on its front page.

The ratings are all over the map but that’s OK.  It wouldn’t be the first application that I downloaded and scrapped.  I decide to grab it.  The price was well within my budget.  Free works at so many levels.

Like so many people, I’m sure, my first download had a short moment of panic.  Where did it go?  Then, it clicked in – it’s an image, dummy – take a look in your photos.  Sure enough, there it was.


Now comes the very cool part.  Any image from the photo gallery can be made into your desktop.  I like the concept!  I like it when someone looks over your shoulder and says “Where did you take that picture?” because that’s the typical route for the generation of personalized wallpaper.  Picture of the family and kids.  However, I’m a fan of random, incredible imagery and I like to change it regularly.

With this application, I can.  And I found it by accident.  Now, if only the original Bing application was available in iPad format, I’d be totally happy.

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