Never have enough browsers

I’ve always had a few different browsers on my desktop computers. When you create web content, you want to make sure that your content will be viewable to as many users as you might imagine. My monthly newsletter always gave me the chance to just experiment.

I had played around with a couple on my iPod but hadn’t seriously explored the realm on the iPad until friend @pmcash asked me to check out his blog. It’s hard to tell but something on the page kept crashing Safari. Now, in the migration to the iPad, I had brought over some of the alternative browsers and iSurf displayed his content nicely. So, pack ratted-ness paid off.

I had originally downloaded the software when it was called iDroid. I really liked the tabbed browsing and the speed with the tab preview functions. All tabs are a click away and that really increases speed of use. Unfortunately, iDroid was removed from the App store before it was renamed and made available again.

Also on the iPad from the migration was Opera Mini. Before I made the switch to Google Chrome browser on my desktop, Opera was neck and neck with Firefox as a browser. I’m a big fan of the speed dial function available on startup.

Despite the great functionality, both of these terrific browsers, they are still designed for the iPod. You can press the 2x button to go full screenish but it’s still displaying the content from the smaller device.

Safari does take advantage of the larger screen size but doesn’t support my desired tabbed browsing so it was back to the App store to see what was available natively for the iPad. I’m currently working with the Atomic browser. It does include that desired feature plus more such as ad blocking in the paid version.

A real advantage of going with a full screened native browser is that you can view content as it was designed and not necessarily in the mobile view.

Having both types of browser provides the greatest flexibility.

– Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


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