Great Follows; Great Content

Earlier, I had mentioned that one essential application for the iPad is an application called Flipboard.  It’s really an aggregator of content and upon installation, a few demonstration content feeds are provided.  Now, you could do the same thing in your regular browser using services like Tizmos (my Tizmos home is here).  But, it’s not nearly as cool (or flippy) as having it on your iPad and flip through the articles using your finger.

Now, Flipboard will let you add content from RSS feeds and that’s good.  Flipboard will also let you enter a social media user and aggregate her/his content.  Or, you put some combination of all of the above into the nine boxes on the opening screen.  Quickly and easily, you have a way to pull it all together to create a powerful reading digest.  The biggest chore becomes one of choosing wisely.

So, my Flipboard front page now looks like this.

As I grab my iPad for some reading, I have content pulled from the following:

  • My Twitter Account (OK, I do have an ego…)
  • My list of Ontario Educators (A great source for what’s happening now in Ontario)
  • My Facebook Account (need to stay on top of family and friends)
  • A PopURLs feed (to find the latest from all over the social world)
  • E! Online (the latest in entertainment)
  • @Alltop_Gadgets (my family needs ideas for Christmas)
  • @Alltop_Celebs (more entertainment news)
  • @Alltop_NFL (although I do read just the Vikings news…)
  • @Alltop_Edu (the top stories in Education)

There are loads of stories that are pulled from great sources from around the web.  There’s never a shortage of material to stimulate the mind and thinking.  As I’m sure that you’ll know, I am fickle with these sorts of things and changes to sources are always pending!  I would challenge any users of Flipboard to respond to this post.  What are you aggregating?


One comment

  1. Hi Doug,

    I’m using Flipboard to follow:
    • My Twitter account
    • My Facebook account
    • FlipRead
    • FlipPhotos

    I do need to figure out how to get an Ontario Educators Twitter list added.


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