Exploring iPad

When @Ron_mill presented me with this iPad last week, he indicated that it was on the provision that I share my learning as I hopefully become proficient with it.

I’ve had it for a couple of days and have indeed learned quite a bit. One thing that surprised me from the get go was how long it takes to charge the device. It’s considerably longer than my iPod but it’s a small price to pay given how long it runs when fully charged. A recharging plan will have to be put in place. It definitely will have a different focus from a notebook or iPod.

@rebrouse told me to download Flipboard and that was great advice. I’m still experimenting with it as my sense is that I’ll be able to do more with it than my first blushes are showing. Probably more to follow on that.

So if I’m going to blog about this, it makes sense to use a blog management tool. BlogPress seems like a good tool so I downloaded it and this post is created using it. It has support for the major platforms and word press of course so I should be good to go. We’ll see in a couple of minutes when I publish this. I’m still wrestling with the keying but that should get better with practice.

The real find for me for use in education is a free application called TwinWeb. As you know, I have a concern about Media Literacy particularly when it comes to finding and using information found in web searches. It seems to me that this is the perfect application for a part of the lessons at least.

What it does is split your screen into two browsing windows. So, if the lesson is to decide if the value from your favourite engine is best, do a search in it and one with another engine in the bottom. In this picture, I’ve searched for “dougpete” on Google and on Bing. If search is an absolute science then the results should be too, right? Not necessarily. Now, you could do this with a tabbed browser but i think that the fact that both are in your face has such a powerful impact. The closest that I could think of desktop wise would be to tear off a Chrome tab and display two searches side by side. I would urge you to download this application and see what you think.

And now for the next test of the day, I’m uploading through BlogPress…

– Posted using BlogPress from my iPad



  1. Hi Doug,

    Thank you for your measured and resourceful approach to understanding the authentic use of ipads. I was given mine at the start of the summer, and started downloading free apps that I would use personally, as a way to get used to the functionality. Apart from an ipod nano for which I download itunes, I sit on the PC/Blackberry side of the church so the experience of touch screen and apps is relatively new.

    I have compiled a list of recommended apps in my Diigo library ( http://www.diigo.com/user/barbaramc/ipad?type=all ) and I see many more suggestions today on Twitter, which I will give due consideration. My touch points are always curriculum and task authenticity, assessment for learning and critical thinking. I will share my ideas in a blog when I get there.

    I am taking it to the @bel conference ( http://portal.abelearn.ca/cms/One.aspx?portalId=7411169&pageId=7411176 ) next week and am excited to explore it in a hands-on workshop with other educators. But being able to explore effective apps with you will be extremely helpful.



  2. About BlogPress, the reviews seem to indicate that it often crashes and has trouble posting line breaks and attaching pictures.

    What was your experience with it?


  3. Thanks, Barb. That should keep me busy for a while.

    Peter, so far, I’m 1-1 with it. It worked smoothly. Don’t look for me to write the next epic blog post on it just yet, although there are some that would say that I’m only marginally better with a keyboard. In my case, I did a screen capture which went to my photo library, started my post, inserted the image, finished the post and uploaded it without a hitch. I did go back in to centre the image after the fact. I don’t know whether I missed it or not. I often only catch things like that after I proofread. My fingers go faster than my mind most of the time.


  4. Looks like we’ve moved from the ‘get to know you’ stage, the the ‘ok, I like you, but what do we do long term”. Looking forward to more thoughts. With my Flipboard, I have one slot dedicated to your Ontario Educator Twitter list, so it’s like a magazine of all ON folks posts everyday. Quite like that.


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