Siren (Come to Me)

Today is the day.  The newest release from Georgia Wonder is available for download from iTunes.  Entitled “Siren (Come to Me), this offering once again highlights the skills of this British duo.  The song has already been available on YouTube for a little bit where I’ve been enjoying it.

My first activity this morning was to get the high quality release so that I can enjoy it.

In addition to their fantastic music abilities, I’ve been intrigued by Stephanie and Julian and their business model.  They are using the contemporary tools to promote themselves.  I’ve been following and blogging about them every now and again.  “Getting Famous Online“, “No Credit“.  From their first EP released as a free download from to their use of YouTube and Twitter/Facebook for continued presence, it’s been great to follow them.

Despite all this, recognition appears to be a challenge.  From their website, this message gives some history of their efforts and some suggestions about how to help them along the way.  If you’re connected (and you are since you’re reading this entry), click over and read what’s up with the group.  With your mouse, you can certainly help to promote their cause easily.  And, if you enjoy the YouTube version, consider buying the new release Siren (Come to Me).  Your $.99 will help their download numbers and maybe provide part of a revenue stream for them.

Who knows?  You might enjoy their music as much as I and find yourself downloading “Hello Stranger” or “The Girl You Never Knew”.  They’re looking for some support; together we can help provide it.

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