More Personalized Learning

Somehow, Day 2 at the WRDSB CATC Camp ramped up even more.  After a very intense Day 1 were things were very directed and predictable, the learning environment seemed to change.  It’s not that Day 1 wasn’t terrific in itself but things seemed to change and become more personal on Day 2.

The first indication that things were different came at the morning Newstime.  As we looked over the Open Space agenda for the day, the sense of wide open, two feet directed learning was still there.  But, the question was posed to the group, "is there anyone who would like to learn or share something that wasn’t already covered?"  So, dynamically, the agenda filled with times and locations for additional topics. 

To the agenda, we added a session about how to manage a Twitter account, digging into Aperture, a demonstration of what Facebook might look like when implemented in a classroom, a session dealing with iPads and education and what you might not know about the technology, an overview of Creative Commons, an overview of how PBWorks is used as an LMS in a secondary classroom, and then a sharing session about iPod applications to engage and motivate students.  I kind of felt guilty leaving my post as facilitator to sit in on all of the above but learning is learning, right? 

I think it speaks highly of the desire to take in everything that the PBWorks and iPod application sessions occurred after supper which in another setting would have taken on a more recreational tone!  What was particularly amusing was that Ken had scheduled them in the same room for an hour each.  Well, the PBWorks session went well over and so finally the iPod facilitator stuck her head in to let us know that we would be meeting in one of the smaller meeting rooms.  I wanted to see this session, led by @Gill_Ville so sneaked out.  Rather than take the meeting room, we just snagged some chairs and formed our own little area in the hallway.  What was supposed to finish about 9pm was still going at 9:30 when I realized that I had a wife waiting in our room so I apologized and left.  On our way down, the group was still going at it!

Great conversation and learning continued in the lodge next door but by the time 11pm rolled around, we thought that perhaps it was time to see if we could have a look for the meteor shower.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t happening yet again.  Sigh.  So, it was about time to call it a day – I thought.  As we headed home, we noticed that the lights were still on in one of the rooms and so we stuck our heads in to say hi.  Folks were still at it and there was a question for me.  I fired up a computer and we worked through that and managed to get out and head to bed.  On the way though, we passed the Centre Hall where there still had to be a dozen people working together on projects.  Amazing, but this time I managed a smile and kept on going.

Ever the early bird, I’m up and recording my thoughts and I see that there are some Twitter and Facebook content generated while I was sleeping.  The fixed timetable that was originally planned appears to have been totally ignored in favour of a more personalized approach to learning where time and rules don’t apply.

I wonder what’s on tap for Day 3.

In the midst of all this, @rebrouse had her first project created based on the hashtag #catc10.  You can catch it at

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