My First HDR

Since I had seen Peter Been’s entry into the Worldwide Photo walk, I’ve been reading and anticipating how I was able to learn how to use the technique of High Dynamic Range Imaging.  Surprisingly patient for me.  Finally, today, during a coffee break at the OSAPAC meeting, I had my chance.

The cloudy weather had gone for a minute and there was a bright sun lighting up the courtyard.  I grabbed my camera and thankfully, I had my portable tripod, and I was off.  The portable tripod is always a challenge with a heavy camera on it and when the patio table had little holes in its surface, I had to balance this precariously and focused towards the fence at the back.

I set the camera to bracketing with three exposure levels and took my picture.  I really liked Peter’s black and white effort and so decided that would be my first attempt.  As you can see in the three images, the first is normal, the second has a bit more brightness, and the third a little less.  I’ve got to do some reading to know what it is that I’m talking about technically but there’s no time for that.  I’m too excited to see how this might work.

I am absolutely, positively, the first person to admit that I’m a rookie in this realm.  Not aware of the technical details or even the words used in context yet.  That will come

Original Image


Lighter Image (more exposure)


Darker Image (less exposure)


Then, it comes the time to construct the final image.  I’m exploring this technique on my Windows computer and so go looking for a free program to get me started.  I find a neat piece of software called Picturenaut.  On the simple, it does the technique for me.  There are a great deal of adjustments and that will come as part of my learning.  For the first one, I just want to get the job done.

And, here it is – done !



I’m really liking the concept.  You can obviously over exaggerate the technique and I’m sure that there will come a time when I want to do that.  For the moment, I just want to enhance my efforts.  I like it.

And, my first colour effort using the planter to the right.









I think that this technique will serve me well.  I’m not one to do a lot of pictures of people.  I spend the time with landscapes and objects.  It seems like a great way to enhance what I’m doing.

Peter – you may have created a monster by giving me an insight to this technique!  Thanks so much.



  1. HDR examples much appreciated! I’m on the verge of doing this, too. Thinking of an indoor shot by a bright window, for a portrait.


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