My Date with Paul

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Somehow a facebook status of ‘Awesome concert last night!’ seemed grossly inadequate.

Exhausted from the drive home, and with my ears still ringing from the show, I will now attempt to sum up my experience from last night: The Paul McCartney concert.

When my dear friend B-Potts told me he was able to score tickets to this sold out show, my reaction was simply ‘yup’. It didn’t matter where, didn’t matter when or how much tickets were, I was GOING.

At 67 years old, this man has more swagger in his pinky finger than most musicians can hope to attain in their entire life. The show was about as flawless as a live show could be. No opening acts, no intermissions, just 3 hours of pure nostalgic GOLD.

He played EVERYTHING: The set list was a gorgeous mashup of classic Beatles hits, Wings songs, and more obscure tracks from a few of his solo albums.

The show was seamless, and song transitions were quick and well thought out. As one song ended, the anticipation for the next gem began to build: BAM “Live and let die” BAM “Drive my car” BAM “Yesterday”. The hits kept coming.

He PLAYED everything: Paul started with his signature right handed Hofner bass, but quickly switched to acoustic guitar, then piano, mandolin, electric, ukulele and organ. He brought out the original 1960 something guitar used on the track ‘Day Tripper’, and rocked it out for a while.

At one point he brought out a ridiculous pink electric for a tribute to his friend ‘Jimi’, and told us great stories of Hendrix, Clapton, and a Russian defense minister.

He joked at one point “If you’re wondering why we change up guitars so much… We just like showing off.” Oh Paul…

A couple highlights:

– He messed up the lyrics to ‘Blackbird’, but didn’t skip a beat. He said after the song that he was distracted by all the hand made signs that fans in the front rows were holding up. He joked “Ok Paul, focus, what are the lyrics to this next verse.. Wait, what does that sign say?”

He then read a few out loud: “Paul, teach me piano!” and “My dad drove me 2000kms to hug a Beatle!” He would later invite the young girl with the 2000km sign up on stage for a big hug.

– When the man talks, people listen. I’ve always heard that Beatles concerts were annoying, and that screaming fans drown out the sound of the music. However, in between songs when Paul was telling a story, you could have heard a pin drop. People hung on every word he said, and I couldn’t fight this goofy smile on my face as I listened.

– Paul spoke fondly about his ‘dear friend John’, and paid tribute to the fallen Beatle: “Let’s hear it for John!” I wept.

– He then brought a ukulele on stage, told us this great story of George Harrison, and played his song ‘Something’.

No mention of Ringo at all.

It was the show of a lifetime and has effectively ruined live music for me. I will forever be chasing that ‘high’ like a heroin addict after his first hit.

If you are in the Toronto area, I HIGHLY recommend you walk, drive, fly, swim, hitchhike, to the ACC tonight for the second sold out show. Find a scalper and experience this show for yourself.

You’ll be glad you did.

2 thoughts on “My Date with Paul

  1. Great story. I always loved Paul McCartney as a musician. He seems like such as great guy. Thanks for sharing the experience.


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