More to Tinker With

Just in case you’re having difficulty finding people to follow, let Twitter itself come up with a suggestion or two.  This feature has been around for about a week or so and it has been rolled out to users and it just may be available now for your account.  Details appear in the Twitter blog which gives a rough description about how it determine its results.

Called “Suggestions For You”, somehow the software can make a determination of people that you might well be interested in following.  Unlike the other ways to find new users which require a little work on your behalf, this personally created list just appears and you just run down the list clicking “Follow” buttons.

It’s appears to be based on the concept that “you are what you tweet”.  As I scan up and down the recommendation list, I see things that I have talked about in the past as descriptors for these individuals.  To lend credibility to the recommendations, each has a list of a few people that I currently follow that are already following them.

So, if you’re logged into Twitter on the web, just head over to this link.

Alternatively, right on your Twitter right sidebar, you’ll get a couple of suggestions for people to follow along with the option to view more.

You may think you’re logged onto another service!

Like most things, I suspect that the more active you are and the more detailed bio that you provide, generates the best results.  Regardless, it’s an interesting activity to give a shot and see what turns up.  It never hurts to tinker.  Who knows?  You may grow your PLN in a new, interesting way.

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One comment

  1. I noticed it for the first time this morning… of course I’ve been locked out of my account for the past few days so it’s the first time I’ve noticed much of anything on Twitter this week 😉

    First reaction – kind of facebooky. But I admit I’ve been clicking through and checking out the recommendations. So far they are pretty good. I just hope twitter’s sidebar doesn’t get too busy, I like the simplicity of Twitter.


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