I had some self imposed deadlines yesterday and that always gives me time to mess around with other things instead of focusing on what I should be.  I looked at a couple of enhancements to services that I use regularly.  I did some tinkering and would like to share a bit…

Facebook with 3D Status Updates
If you’re an educator, you know about Word Clouds.  There are many of them that will analyse the frequency of words in just about anything.  There’s an application that will do a similar thing for your Facebook updates.  It’s called Status Analyzer 3D.  Impress your friends in 2D with its frequency counting and then really impress them when they click the 3D button!

2D Results

3D Results

Like WordPress Blogs
If you read a log of blogs, often you don’t have the time to leave a comment or you head back to Twitter or some other service to comment.  For a while, people have been desiring something like Facebook’s "Like" button to just express an opinion before moving on.  It’s here now so you really can give a click if you like something.  Just click on "Leave a comment" or if there is one already, click on the comment number and go ahead and "like it".

Of course, if you don’t click, we WordPress users will just assume that you didn’t like it.  So sad.  Please like us!

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