A Very Cool Day

Yesterday for me started with this update from my FourSquare account.


When he was a little boy, every other Sunday morning had been spent together watching Formula 1 with Michael Schumacher in his Benetton days.  He moved, of course, to Ferrari and we followed his career and his spectacular driving abilities there.  Like most guys, our dream was to drive one of the blood red cars.

These dreams came awfully close yesterday.  The Boy had gifted me a full day driving experience at GTA Exotica Cars in Oakville.  What a treat it was.  Along with 10 other people, we experienced the area north of Burlington and Oakville on the backroads ending up in Guelph before our return.

In pairs, we left Oakville and took turns driving some of the most incredible cars.  Along the way, we saw some of the most incredible scenery as well.  We toured downhill hairpins, single lane roads, wooden bridges, wildlife, and so much more.  I had no idea that such incredible scenery existed.



So, we tore through this area and enjoyed the drive, the vehicles, and the opportunity to talk about all kinds of things.

When you’re at the starting gate, with all of these vehicles, where do you start?  It really didn’t matter because we were going to drive them all anyway.  The Boy lucked out and had his first choice.  After an introduction to the vehicles and a quick overview of the uniqueness of driving each and we were off.

Dodge Viper
This bright red car was our first ride.  It was pretty bizarre to fire it up and head out onto city streets before heading north.  But, off we went.  It wasn’t long before we were off the beaten track and on a path of discovering.  For me, the Viper seemed to be the most powerful of the vehicles and the gear shift located quite comfortably higher up.  We were warned before starting and it came true that

Chevrolet Corvette
When we stopped to exchange cars, the lady that passed us the Corvette claimed that it was boring to drive.  Like her grandmother’s car.  It was the only vehicle with standard transmission in the bunch.  It did drive like a bigger car but I enjoyed it.  The heads-up speedometer was cool.  We had a few controlling moments as a bit of rain had started to fall on top of the oil that had seeped to the top of some of the roads.

Ferarri 360 Modena
The only disappointing this was the car wasn’t blood red.  But, it was the brilliant yellow that just made this car stand out from the rest.  I’m guessing the scheme is called Giallo Fly Yellow.  Inside, it was the roomiest of the cars and the engine roared as we took off.  At 2500 revs, it was powerful.  I can only imagine what it would be like in an F1 car with its higher revs.  We both learned how to use the paddle shifters in a heartbeat.  What a cool experience.  I could get used to that.

I’ve never really been a Porsche fan.  The only model that I’d ever seen was the Boxter.  But, we were off and quickly in charge of this guy.  It really handled nicely and my stint behind the wheel was on some particularly curvy roads.  The Boy had an interesting comment – with what we were guessing to be the pricing, he’s going to aspire to own one.

This was the star of the show.  The Gallardo appeared to be the newest of the cars and was a really unique orange colour.  It got special attention before we started as it was designed to ride low, hugging the road.  This wouldn’t quite work through road construction and over the wooden bridges.  No problem – we were shown the buttons to raise and lower the vehicle as needed.


How do you know when to raise or lower or be careful with all vehicles over the bridges and railway tracks?  That’s easily done – our rally leaders led and trailed us on motorcycle.  When it was time to be careful or to adjust the Lamborghini, hand signals were sent down the line.

It was a long day and our turnaround point was at a shopping mall in Guelph where we enjoyed some pizza.  Who needs or wants to eat in or dine at a picnic table when you have the flat back of a Corvette to serve as a table?


Lunch – Corvette Style!

Like most good things, it was over far too soon.  The ol’ heart was racing as we enjoyed vehicle after vehicle.  This was just an amazing opportunity.  It does seem a waste to have a speedometer that goes to 340kph when we’re driving through a 60 though!

As The Boy called it in his Facebook gallery of images that he posted last night, it was “The day I realised how much every other car in the world sucks.”

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5 thoughts on “A Very Cool Day”

  1. Cool day Doug. While us mere mortals will never likely own such cars, it’s fun to consider. I was on 401 during the Ontario leg of Gumball 3000 and saw several of these go past. Quite a sight.


  2. I LOVED reading about your day, gifted by the boy. Made me think of my day yesterday spent online. There’s more to life than that and thanks for sharing your fabulous day. What a great entrepreneurial idea as well! The backroads of Ontario are full of adventure.


  3. Kudos to The Boy for arranging this learning experience for you Doug.

    “… we saw some of the most incredible scenery as well.  We toured downhill hairpins, single lane roads, wooden bridges, wildlife, and so much more.  I had no idea that such incredible scenery existed.

    Sometimes we forget to accept that (some of) the best learning is that which we find in our experiences, not that which is laid out for us …

    “It’s never too late,” and “Carpe Diem” spring to mind.
    Also, “Ontario — Yours to Discover.”

    Thanks for sharing, Doug. (… and, The Boy!)


  4. What an amazing gift from The Boy! I take it The Boy is your son?? I suppose for folks of your gender (mostly), this kind of adventure would truly make your heart race. For (probably most) folks of my gender, it’s just another example of ‘boys and their toys’!

    Speaking of which, my partner would be thrilled to do an adventure like this. Can I get the info about it online?


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