So near and yet so far

It’s amazing how reliant we can become on technology and the joys of being connected.  As I type this, I’m at McMaster University in Hamilton where in an hour or so, I’ll kick off with my partner Kelly a three day technology professional development session with my friend Kelly as part of the Ontario Teachers’ Federation Summer Camp Program.

It should be fun.  We have a full house with the last couple of registrants coming in this week.  We had a set of challenges already trying to find the parking and the hall.  My poor old GPS really struggled; it appears that some of the streets have become one way since it was originally mapped.  But, we persevered and got to the parking and our residence and last night downtown to the Copps Coliseum to see the American Idol Live show.

In downtown Hamilton, there were lots of wireless connectivity options but we weren’t there for that.  It will become a necessity when we get back to the dorm rooms and do a last minute check so that we know what it is that we’re doing!  Most of our materials are web based so that we can truly demonstrate what we preach.

Connectivity is always great at universities with their high speed connections, probably to the Orion research backbone. 

As I fire up the computer, I see a number of wireless networks.  This is looking good.

You guessed it.  Login/password needed to get connected.  I guess that makes sense; you don’t want unwanted guests mucking about.  Ah, but there’s an ethernet cable coming from the phone.  That’s even better than wireless.  Connect and load the browser and wham, I’m there.



Login and password required to get onto this network as well.  The young lady at registration points out that we have to get the access info from our session organizer.  And, of course, that’s easier said than done.

Oh well.    The networks are there – they’re everywhere and so close that you can taste them.  The coffee shops are “closed for the season” and I’m really not interested in wandering through downtown Hamilton looking for a Starbucks so I’ll just have to trust that all our planning and preparation in advance pays off.

If not, Kelly can carry me.



  1. Good luck – the most difficult part of workshops and presentation is always the connectivity, and you’re always told ahead of time that there will be no problem! Difficult to show web stuff with PowerPoints;->


  2. I can assure you, and Kelly, that this will NOT happen when you present at the Summer Institute at UW in August! Looking forward to seeing you, and making Kelly’s acquaintance.


  3. I hope that whatever OTF prepared for you will be sufficient to do your workshop!!


  4. OTF and Tanya have been nothing but spectacular in their planning and delivery. They treat educators as they should be – royalty.


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