My Apologies

Recently, Diigo upgraded itself to Version 5.  One of the fallouts is that the functionality that I use to post to Diigo and have it appear on Delicious and consequently on this blog is resulting in some interesting garbage.  If you look closely, there are a great deal of %20s in the midst.  %20 is the code for a space and so anywhere that there was a space in the original link, I’m getting that to appear.

I have disabled the Diigo to Delicious feature to stop this and will continue to monitor.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

3 thoughts on “My Apologies

  1. Yes, I’m torn. I really like some of the sharing and annotating features of Diigo but have a substantial network on Delicious. Hopefully, this is a short term issue that will be quickly addressed. I checked the Diigo site and it’s not listed there as an issue.


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