ISTE Day 2

Day 2 of the ISTE Conference was yet another non-stop learning experience for me.  There was just so much to do.

The morning keynote was really a panel discussion moderated by Jennifer Corriero featuring a really diverse group including a student from Singapore.  Jennifer brought her energetic style to the main stage.  I decided to watch on ISTEVision rather than fight my way into the big theatre.  It worked out nicely.  I joined a gentleman at a table and it was a unique experience as we were discussing the issues between ourselves rather than being in the theatre and worrying about being shushed.

Then, another trip to the vendors.  Document cameras seem to be in high profile in many of the booths.  Despite this, I found out at supper that I missed the $175 camera.  Brenda had a great idea about using this as a scanner and more for students who need to get documents into a word processor.

Just before lunch, I attended a session by Gail Lovely where she argued the case that beginning literacy and learning how to use technology could be addressed at the same time and knocked off “with one stone”!  There are definite possibilities for success there if you have enough access to technology in the Early Years’ and Primary classroom

Kathy Schrock was up next and led a session on Twitter.  It covered all of the bases from tips to beginners to things to consider if you’re an experienced user of the service.   Even if you are a frequent user of the micro-blogging service, there are so many ways to use it.  Kathy provided a number of ways that Twitter can be used in the classroom.

Alan November always presents a session that makes you think and perhaps re-analyse just how many opportunities for technology-enhanced experiences.  This time, he focused on “Students as Contributors”.  There were some really good ideas and suggestions like:

  • having a scribe to document the lesson of the day;
  • creating a Custom Google Search for the lesson;
  • having a student researcher looking to provide enrichment to the lesson by just in time research;
  • use of WolframAlpha to show complete solutions to mathematics problems;
  • creation of videos to support the notion that students want to help each other.

Lots of great ideas.

And, of course, it was time to head back to the exhibit hall.  Will I ever get through it all?

I watched the SIG Digital Storytelling meeting as it was Ustreamed.  I had a big gasp when someone knocked the netbook with the camera off the chair.  But, it took the beating and held up.  If only my iPod Touch had been that durable!

Discovery Canada held a reception for Canadian attendees in the evening.  It was a great chance to talk with friends, old and new as the sky went from faint to black.  Our new friend Duncan from Tazmania (how did he get into a Canadian reception) has convinced many of us to attend his session on environmental stewardship today.  I’m looking forward to it.

I just realized that I didn’t comment on the poster sessions and the Open Source playground.  So much to do…..

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