Digital Footprint

How’s this for a digital footprint?

Efforts created by Tagxedo and content scraped from this blog.

As we head into the last week of school in Ontario, I’m thinking that this would be an interesting culminating activity for students to do in their own context.  If you’re blogging with students or creating any kind of online digital content, have them create their own digital footprints and then analyse what they’ve created this past year.


That’s the closest to recreating the sound that I can think of in letters.

It’s a sound.

It’s the sound that you hear when you’re standing at a building corner in Denver using the ISTE free wireless on your iPod at the Pavilions and someone come running around the corner trying to avoid getting wet from the rain.

It’s the sound that you hear when said person hits your hand and your iPod goes flying.

It’s the sound when your iPod hits the pavement glass side down.

Thanks to @KentManning‘s Blackberry, this is what that sound looks like.