Proud Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to everyone who recognizes it.  It’s a great one for me.  First, I have great kids and love them dearly.  Secondly, the educational path of the youngest ended at the St. Clair College Theatre for the Arts on Friday afternoon.

Along with a host of others, she can now say that she’s part of the graduating class of 2010.  Like most, including myself, the significance doesn’t really kick in on the date of the event.  My oldest, my wife, and I were in attendance and were reminiscing about our own convocations.  After all, you HAVE to be there well in advance to get good seats (not) and then you take a look through the program to identify any graduates that you might know and estimate their moments on the stage.  Then what?

Childishly, my other daughter and I were both pleased to see that there was free wireless access so we had a game of Word with Friends, much to my wife’s disgust.  The program was fairly interesting – we read about the Great Griffin of St. Clair, the College’s Mace, the College’s Crest, and the College’s Liripipe. The number of tassels on the liripipe has a local significance.

My daughter and I talked about our hoods from our convocations and I noted how I rented a University of Waterloo hood for each graduation ceremony at the secondary school where I taught.  Dumbfounded, my wife noted that I had purchased one when I graduated and that we had packed and moved it with us to every house that we’ve owned!  D’oh!  Well, at least St. Clair gives each graduate their own so that’s one thing that’s covered.

Then, in a heartbeat or two, it was over.  The graduates, who had been piped in were piped out and we were off to receive the new graduate and her friends.

The reception was huge in the Canadian Club overlooking the Detroit River and then we were off.

The aftermath certainly was different over the years.  With my convocation, it was a special trip to buy a disposable camera for the event and we got a few head and shoulder shots after the event worth keeping.  Even more recently, Gill’s pictures were taken with a digital camera and we got some head and shoulder shots and actually developed them a month or so after the graduation.

On this event, things changed dramatically.  Despite the desire to get there early, we were still in the balcony!  But, my new camera was able to zoom in to capture this moment of Brittany getting her liripipe from the President, Dr. Strasser.



Not bad from the upper deck, if I do say so.

With the technology available, it’s a great publishing facilitator.  With a digital camera, you take all the shots that you want and keep the best.  The only slow down is in the bandwidth that it requires to get it to Facebook for sharing with friends and family.

I think that we might have my graduate pictures in an album somewhere around here and maybe a dozen people have seen them.  Today, friends and family can enjoy last Friday’s special day just by logging in.

So, it’s a very proud day for my wife and me. 

Now, for the big question – anyone need a Hotel or Restaurant manager?

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