Extending Flock

Yesterday evening was filled with a couple of time consuming activities.  One was a long online meeting and the other was to play around with the newly installed Beta version of Flock.

As I indicated yesterday, Flock is based upon the code from the Chromium Project and so if you know Chromium or Google Chrome, you know Flock.  There are enhancements built into the code for the online world should you wish to use them.

But, like Chromium and Google Chrome, there is support for Extensions to give extended functionality to your browser.  Extensions are a fascinating world.  You can tweak your browser for maximum functionality or you can bring it to its knees with everything that you install.

For me, the ultimate goal is to have virtually everything that I do enabled for me in my browser.  But, how to achieve this intelligently has always been a challenge.  When I head to an Add-in or Extension gallery, I feel like I’m walking into one of those mega-electronic stores.  When the teenager steps up and says “Dude, can I help you?”, I look around at all the imagery and gadgets and want to say “I’ll take one of everything to go.”  Now, I know that I want one of every Extension but where is that fine line between necessity and whim?

The first thing I have to have is Shareaholic.  It’s the basis of so much of what I do with web services and so it’s nice to have that comforting green icon smiling at me.  What’s next?

Maybe at major get togethers, like ECOO, RCAC Symposium, or ISTE, we should just have a birds of feather session to discussion what extensions or add-ins are worth the effort?  Other than that, it’s try and die or try and win.

Fortunately, the folks at Flock are sharing their recommendations once you download the program.  There’s some comfort knowing that they’ve made these recommendations so there’s a reasonable assurance that they’ll work.



Evernote is great.  Cooliris spectacular.  Word This.  Hmmm.  I wonder if this is the recommended replacement for the blogging facility dropped from the older Flock.  I grab that and start to blog.  A word of caution – if you’re using this, make sure that you are saving as you go.  Just sayin’

I didn’t need Blog This! but the Slideshow is neat.  In terms of my Google Mail checker, I really the Google Mail Checker Plus Extension instead of the recommended one above as it allows for simple mail checking right from the toolbar. 

Thanks to my buddies @thecleversheep and @pbeens, I add Readability Redux.  I went to get the Web of Trust Extension and came away with Ultimate Chrome Flag instead.  And of course, you have to have the Google Reader Notifier.  Oh, and Chromed Bird.

So, nicely dressed up, I’m taking on the world with the new browser.  It’s looking pretty good.  Is anyone else giving the new Flock a shakedown?  What are your experiences?

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