A Little Thing…

…that makes a huge difference for me. 

I’ve always had a tough time selecting files in bulk as I transfer them.  Sure, CTRL-A selects them all  and then you move them over to where they need to go.  Or, you can select the first file, move to the bottom of the files, hold down the SHIFT key and click to select a range of files.  If there’s a file that you don’t want, CTRL-Clicking removes it from the selected group.  Or, an alternative for cherry picking files is to hold down the CTRL key while clicking on the selected file does the trick nicely too.

Until you make one mistake or forget which key combination is needed.  Or, you’re doing it while watching television and for some reason think you’re using a Macintosh computer and start scrambling for the Option key.

Windows 7 has a feature that makes working like this a piece of cake.  There’s a feature that, when enabled, let you mouse over a file or folder and select it by checking it.  Once chosen, it stays chosen until you uncheck it.  This simple little feature has lowered my error rate and increased productivity at an amazing rate for me.

Here’s a random selection of my FirstClass directory, for example.




It works in all folder layouts too.  Here’s some randomness from my root folder.




Once selected, I can copy/paste, delete,  and do all kinds of file/folder maintenance with ease.

If your Windows 7 isn’t configured to do this by default, you can change it easily.  Just head on over to the Folder Options and select the option to “Use check boxes to select items”. 



You’ll be glad you did.

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