Designs on Soccer

I’m not a big fan of soccer but I did play it in high school.  It certainly is an energetic sport but I do find it tough to watch on television.  One of my favourite soccer quotes comes from Mike Ditka.  “If God had wanted man to play soccer, He wouldn’t have given us arms”.

However, I know when I’m beat and certainly with the FIFA World Cup, I’m in the minority.  I even notice a friend of mine who has a ribbon on her Twitter signifying support for Brasil.  Who knew?  She asked me what I’m supporting so I’ll indicate Danmark where my Grandfather emigrated from.  Heck, I might even get into the avatar branding thing.  I know that we have a web page!

I’m told by my Twitter friend PaulDiM that I need to get down to Erie Street in Windsor to enjoy the festivities when the going gets good.  I would assume that means when Italy wins.  It’s a unique opportunity so I’ll probably take him up on it.  They play Paraguay on Monday.

The size and reach of this event cannot be ignored.  Despite all the silliness above, soccer is the world’s sport and it’s awesome to think that so many countries can come together to make this event happen.

It’s big business and everyone is putting their best faces on physically, and of course, electronically.  Head over to Google and search for “World Cup” and the first result is a scoreboard of latest matches and schedules and then, of course, the latest news.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to see:


for the page selector.

Bing features very comprehensive results categorized by tickets, standings, results, history and more.

Web page designers are bringing out their best as well.  The FIFA page is outstanding in their design.  They use all of the tricks of the trade to present a very engaging and informational portal to the content.  The shadowing and smooth graphic lines make for a gorgeous layout.  I look forward to following the news here.

But, to date, my winning design has to be the interactive calendar that you’ll find here.  There’s a toggle to switch from Spanish to English but mouse around the dial to find calendar events by team, location, cities, and more.  If you’re a Flash programmer, once you see it, you’ll understand completely how it was created.  But, the design and innovative thought that went into dreaming the concept just escapes me.

So, this big event brings out the best in athletes and designers alike.  We’ve got a great FIFA 2010 ahead of us.

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