Extending Safari

We had a great discussion yesterday about the implementation of a new feature of Apple’s Safari 5 browser, the Safari Reader.  It was absolutely the way that I read my regular blogs yesterday although I did mess around with Readability thanks to Peter and Rodd.  I love learning together.

So, last night was time to dig a little deeper into Safari’s new features.  I’m really intrigued by the support for Extensions.  I’ve really bought into the concept of trying to do everything in your browser and other browsers have various implementations so it was only natural that Safari build in this functionality.  

A little poking around and I realized that extensions are not enabled by default.  You do have to turn them on.  To do this, head over to the preferences menu where you’ll select the Advanced Tab.  At the bottom, there’s a checkbox to show the Develop option.

Turning it on reveals a new preference option entitled Extensions.
Now, you have a new option called Develop available!  The next step is to turn on Extensions and you’re ready to go.

But, where do you get a Safari Extension?  The Apple website indicates that they’ll have a gallery ready to go this summer.  

But, I want it now!  It’s noodle scratching time.  I was ready to wait but started to think about what extensions I might possible want.  

Why, blogging, of course.  I wonder what my favourite in-browser tool is thinking about this.

I head over to the Scribefire website and, son of a gun, they have a Safari extension ready to go.  

Click to download and one of Safari’s option is to install so I do and I’m here to say that I’m blogging this morning with the Scribefire extension installed and working like a champ.


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