A Couple of New Options

I had a real problem earlier this week.  I was in a rush to get things together for the day of Powerful Learning Practices and so didn’t have time to linger at home to create my morning blog entry.  If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know that I couldn’t even check my email at home.

So, off to work I go and pack all that I’m taking and sit down to key in my thoughts.  But, there was no internet access due to power outages overnight in downtown Windsor.  Wow, this is really bizarre.  Now, normally, I would just connect to WordPress and use the online editor.  I couldn’t even do that.  I’m using my Macintosh computer so I figure – not a problem – I’ll just create the post in Pages and then post it when I get somewhere with internet access.  I get to the site and do a quick copy and paste and away I go to help out with the setup.  Within minutes, I get a call from my daughter.

"Dad – your blog is a mess."

I take a quick peek and, as usual, she’s right.  Kindly, she had posted a message indicating that there was a problem and that I would fix it.  Great kid!

I spent some time that morning between activities fixing it.  When I was done, it wasn’t perfect but it was OK.  I decided there and then that I wouldn’t repeat this experience.  There must be some sort of offline Macintosh blog editor that would do the trick.  Under Windows, I use the excellent Live Writer utility.

So, Friday night comes and I have a few minutes to look around and find Qumana.  I run a quick test and I really like what I’m seeing.  This is a keeper!

It’s a sweet standalone editor that does just exactly what I need,  I’m not a very sophisticated blogger – I just need the ability to throw a few words together and this supports that very nicely.  As I poke around, I see all kinds of functionality including the ability to monetize a blog by inserting advertising. 

It’s funny how you define a standard by what you’re used to using.  I start to compare functionality to Live Writer and then I remember using ScribeFire as the editor of choice when Firefox was the browser of choice.  Since the switch to Google Chrome, I had lost that functionality.  ScribeFire was only a Firefox product.

Or is it?

I take a quick zip over to the Chrome Extensions website and do a search and, oh my goodness!  The developers have created a Google Extension for this browser as well.

Like so many good extensions, it just plugs itself into place and I’m good to go.

I cannot believe my good fortune.  I’ve gone from rags to riches in just a few clicks. 

Hopefully, this will be the end of bad posts.  Well, maybe I should say badly formatted posts and having to rely on my daughter to bail me out.

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