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Oh, I could have included so many images to support the concept.  FactoryJoe has a great collection located here.
How about a couple of quotes?
“You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do” – Henry Ford
“What can you do and what have you done lately?” – Ross Perot
Aren’t these words to live by if you’re an active educator?  Shouldn’t you have a public profile that indicates just what it is that you do as an educator?  If we are truly a learning community, can we justify not sharing information and our learnings? 
So many times we’ve heard about employers who will search for you on the internet or Facebook or any social settings.  What does it say if you can’t be found?
Having a presence isn’t exactly brain surgery.  Open a blog; open a wiki; heck even get on a writing team that publishes a PDF document of what they wrote.  Go ahead and do something; go ahead and even be wrong about it.  Your co-learners will help you out.
But, what does it say when you’re not found anywhere?  If someone visits  checktoseeifyouhaveapulse.com and you’re not there, where are you?
Have you checked out your digital footprint lately?  What are you doing that the rest of the learning community needs to know?

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