Day: April 19, 2010

When Powerful People Tweet

Good things happen.  I was reviewing my blog stats last night and noticed two spikes in the number of visitors visiting.  Whenever I blog, I have Twitterfeed send a message to Twitter to let folks know.  It’s a modern day way of RSS for those who are connected!  Of course, there is also the traditional RSS approach.

But, the spikes really intrigued me.

Was I particularly insightful on those days?  Nah, that doesn’t explain it.  First, it would have had to have happened twice in the same month.  Secondly, the spike really isn’t about the quality; it’s about the number of visitors.


So, what is it?

I went back to the posts and tried to figure out what had happened.  Then, it dawned on me.

In the first case, I had made reference to @jeffpulver’s Theory of NOW.  In the second one, @mguhlin had liked the concept that I had described for introducing new people to Twitter.  He even suggested a better title for the blog entries.

In both cases, both gentlemen had retweeted the original link.

In @mguhlin’s case, he had even indicated that I should change the title to my posting which I did.

Now, both of these gentlemen are pretty high profile individuals with lots of followers.  355,977 and 2505 respectively and I’m happy to say that I’m one of each of these number.  So, with all of these followers, when they speak, a great deal of people listen.


Now, I’m honoured that they felt for some reason that my message was worthy of spreading.  The graph is tangible information that their efforts work.

The rest of us mere mortals have smaller numbers.  However, even the smallest of us have our own spheres of influence.  Within that sphere, you are your own powerful voice.  I’ve noticed that Twitterers tend to reply less and less to blogs these days.  However, by reTweeting a link to a blog that interests you at some level, you can extend and expand the conversation.

If you’re a blogger, I think it would help the collective cause for you to post your latest efforts to Twitter so that we all know about it and can spread the love with just a simple RT.


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