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It’s been a long week and as I sit and unwind, I come across the Textorizer.  I know that I get overly interested when I play with something over and over.  This was the case here.  The online version is at the link referred to previously and there’s a downloadable application available here.

The concept is not new.  😉  We’ve been using alternative ways to express art for a long time.  I recall when I was a Business Education head that our keyboarding teachers did something along this line.  Turns out – the concept goes back AT LEAST to 1948.

I’m a real sucker for visualizations, I guess and so therein lies the interest in this.

A few years ago, our incredibly talented graphic artist created the GEC Computers in the Classroom logo for me.

I think it’s a great logo, in itself, and use it all over the place on my website.


But, the Textorizer let’s me add a new twist to it.  Just provide it with a JPG or other graphic and provide your collection of words to be used in the construction of your output visualized image.  You can also let the program know how many strokes are necessary for the drawing.  The result?  See for yourself – a pretty funky and artistic rendition of the original.


Don’t you just love modern art?

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