When Transparency Hurts

If you’re reading this, chances are, you are a believer in the transparency that can exist when you start to embrace these technologies and make them part of whatever it is you are.  If you read this blog regularly, you’ll get a pretty good idea (I hope) of my attitudes, skills, and knowledge.  I have no qualms about putting my professional thinking online live so that others can understand me and, more importantly, point out where I’m wrong and where I need to focus my attention.

For that, I’m ever so grateful.

When you’re on the path of continual learning, everyone helps and I value input from all corners.  Even if I don’t use it today, somehow the amazing brain files it away under “you heard about this once upon a time and…”  I envision this little folder aptly named somewhere up there.

But, I don’t tell you everything about me.  First of all, you’re probably not interested, and secondly I don’t think that everything about my life needs to be shared widely.

This approach isn’t shared by everyone and it only takes a quick login to Facebook, for example, to realize this.  Here, you will find people that are getting up close and personal in ways that are a little freaky at times.  We’ve all tried to scare the youth of today into thinking about what they’re putting online by regaling them with stories of employers discovering personal lives on Facebook and firing or not hiring people.  Is this urban myth or reality?  Regardless…it’s still an exercise in common sense.  It reminds me of advice my father once gave me “If XXXX jumped off the dock in Goderich, would you?”  Inwardly, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do just to say that I did but his logic was there so I never have.  BTW, XXXX is code named for a real friend that my father had referenced.  We really would have jumped together.

Anyway, back to Facebook and transparency.  Even the odd story that pops up about some poor person who has issues with his/her employer is interesting but there hasn’t been one that I’ve been made aware of recently.

But, there is another story that I read yesterday that has brought this whole issue back to my current thinking.  In this article from the Globe and Mail’s legal section, we get a chance to read about a lawsuit and the attempts to bring a Facebook page to the proceedings.  At this point, the discussion gets very serious.  This is more than jumping off the dock.  This should be a gut check moment for all.  Lawyers and private investigators are a staple in the lawsuit business.  How easy is it to investigate when you lay out your entire life in pieces on a Facebook (or other social media) forum.

So, I would encourage all to read the article and file it away under “Discussions about Transparency”.  The discussion needs to be had in classrooms and around dinner tables to raise the level of awareness.

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