Or, maybe it does…

But not necessarily in an academic way.

Yesterday, I talked about the ego sites that evaluate your worth to Twitter.  In my post, I mentioned that the two services that I made reference to return differing results.  In response to my post, @alfredtwo listed a few more of these sites and made reference to a blog entry that he had made a while back.  Definitely, there are a number of these resources on the web and I happened to read a bunch of Twitter developers this morning complaining about the cap on accessing the Twitter API as they were testing.

When applications like these are run, there is a great deal of information that is pulled from Twitter to make the calculations.

I started thinking about my original post yesterday as I was driving out to a school and maybe the bottom line isn’t the test score.  We’re also headed into standardized testing season here so that influences everyone’s thoughts.  I still wonder about the algorithm used by these sites to make their determinations but maybe that’s not the issue.

How many times have you introduced Twitter to someone and they say “I don’t get it”.  Or, they get an account but no followers.

Maybe the real message here is taken from that silly television commercial.  “Don’t have a boring life.”.

Get out and start posting and make yourself interesting.  Join in conversations.  Share resources.  Help out folks in need.

Then, turn to one or more of these evaluation sites and see what happens.  Over time, your ranking should go up; you improve; you get friends; people talk to you; you reach Twitter Nirvana.

Yes, that’s where the payoff happens.  Continuous self-improvement.  We’re not working for the test.  We’re sampling out abilities on an ongoing basis and improving.

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One thought on “Or, maybe it does…”

  1. For me Twitter is about the conversations and the meeting of people (online if not always in person.) But education for me is about the learning rather than the grades. I think it is easy to get caught up in gaming the system both in twitter and in education. I think we all know the student who scored tops in their classes but didn’t seem to have a clue about how to use any of they things they were (in theory) learning.
    In education it is how you use the knowledge more than the grade you get. In Twitter it is more about the conversations you take part in or listen to and learn from not the grade you get or how many followers you have. Quality over quantity pretty much always and in all things.


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