Visit a Museum

Museums have always been incredible place to visit on the web.  The well crafted website typically features incredible imagery from the museum itself.  If you’re lucky, you’ll also find some interactivity and things that are just nice to play with.  There are so many available and they are fascinating web sites to visit.

It makes sense that the next step is to move to the portable platform.  The first that I downloaded was the Louvre application.  If you’re interested in the riches that are available to visitors but just can’t visit it yourself, the iPhone / iPod application is the next best thing to being there.

iPhone Image 734E46

Yesterday, I downloaded another free Museum application, this time with a Canadian slant.  The Canadian Museum of Civilization is another museum that I’ve yet to visit.  But, I spend some time taking a tour there.  Included in this application are audio tours of the exhibits.  This application would be wonderful to have on a real visit but if you’re not not in Gatineau, Quebec, take the tour in the application.

iPhone Image 734E78

If you ever do get a chance to tour the museum, the Maps section will be very valuable.

I am so impressed with the continued innovation that we see from developers of this technology as it matures.   Or, download it for your kids.  The design is so engaging, they’ll never think that they’re learning!

What museums have you visited online and would recommend to others?

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