If all you want is an education…

It was with a sad heart that I initially read David Warlick’s New Year’s Resolutions on his 2cent blog.  You see, I’ve always found David’s speaking and writing so inspirational.  If I’m at a conference, I’ll make a point to listen to him, he’s on my regular reading list in my feed reader, and hisContinue reading “If all you want is an education…”

links for 2010-01-02

Immune Attack » Download! The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) proudly presents Immune Attack™, an educational video game that introduces basic concepts of molecular and cellular biology to middle school, high school and entry-level college students (tags: science biology cellular molecular) Japan PM starts tweeting, launches blog – Yahoo! Canada News Japanese Prime Minister YukioContinue reading “links for 2010-01-02”