Boxing Day Advice

Well, I’m going to take the leap.  According to @speters, the mall wasn’t too bad so the plan for today is that Bubby and I are going to go out and take a look for some Boxing Day deals.  What to buy though?  Maybe Google can help.  I’ll type “boxing day sale” and let Google suggest the rest…


Hmmm.  That wasn’t really helpful.  Then, I remember that Boxing Day isn’t a US Event.   Thanks to the article in Wikipedia for putting me straight.  Let’s check out suggestions from Google Canada.


Well, isn’t that special?

Future Shop and Best Buy made the list.  If you’re into technology, that’s almost an order!

I’ve got an idea from @lesliefisher’s presentation at the RCAC Symposium 2009.  It’s been rolling around in the back of my mind ever since.

I’m hoping to find a deal.  Wish me luck!

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