I don’t just want a browser…

…I want a browser with it all.

I’ve been messing around with the Google Chrome browser recently and really like the speed of it.  For the past while, I’ve actually made it the default browser on my computer and have been using it very happily.  On my Windows computer anyway.

It’s a completely different experience on my netbook with Ubuntu and on my Macintosh.  The difference is that extensions are not implemented on these platforms.  So, it’s back to Firefox as my main browser.

Such are the challenges of working with a browser at an early stage.  I have been playing around with Chromium as well but the Firefox experience is so good that I’m not ready to leave it at this point.  So, what’s the difference; it’s just a browser, right?  Well, if all that I wanted was was a browser, I could have stuck with Internet Explorer or Safari.

Because I spend time on the three platforms, I want a uniform experience.  Will it ultimately be Chrome?  Will it ultimately be Firefox?  Will it ultimately be Flock?  How about Opera?  I’m not sure yet, but I know that my Firefox experience is exactly what feels good to me at this point in time.

Critically, I’m looking at what I do with the computer these days and virtually all of it can be handled through a browser.  I understand fully the direction that Google Chrome as an operating system may well be and I think that is where I want to be ultimately.  However, just browsing the web isn’t all that I need to do.  Extensions or add-ons add the completeness to the browser functionality that I want.  After my experiments with Chrome, I’ve decided that I need the following and I’ve decided not to go to another piece of software just to do it.

  • Scribefire for blogging
  • AdBlock Plus to filter away the distractions on websites
  • Forecast Fox for weather predictions
  • Shareaholic to bookmark and otherwise share what I’m doing and its Buzz feature
  • Greasemonkey to customize things when I get connected
  • Fast Dial as a default home page with links to where I need to go daily
  • Web of Trust to help decide the good, bad, and ugly
  • Tree Style Tab to manage browser tabs my way
  • Colorful Tabs – OK, I’m just indulging myself here
  • Bit.ly previews to avoid wasting time heading offsite and Search Previews to assist in that area too
  • Cool Iris – the only way to search for images

I like the speed of Chrome and it may end up being the browser of choice when extension are fully implemented.  The key is fully implemented on all platforms.

It’s interesting and fun to experiment.  Hats off to the developers on all of these platforms for providing all of these options to us endusers.  It’s nice to be able to use a computer “our way”.

Oh, and then I keep reading about Firefox 4.0…

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