Technology for Christmas

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  Given the events around here, it was one of the best ever for the Peterson and Slate families.

We had a family vote earlier this fall and decided to move from our regular gift giving habits to one of a Secret Santa where we would just buy for one family member.  It certainly reduces the costs and makes this affordable for all.

Everyone but me sent out an email to the family listing things that were on their wish list.  I figured that a gift should come from the heart, knowing the recipient so elected not to participate.  It was a gamble; I could have ended up with another pair of socks.

But, it didn’t stop an exchange of a bit of technology.  Bubby’s had two hard drives died on her MacBook in the past year and so she had requested an external USB drive so that she could back her precious photos and music.  She lucked out; she had me for her Secret Santa and so that wish came true.  Of course, the drive comes with Windows software with an option to download the Macintosh equivalent.  We resisted the urge but she should be secure now.  The test will be to see if she can be faithful about doing backups.

What about me?  I know who I *didn’t* want to have my name so that socks were not in the offing!  Instead, The Boy had me and I got this.


Not the computer or the printer.  If you look closely, they’re both well used.  But, the Magic Mouse on top is new.  It paired easily with the MacBook Pro and with my Windows computer.  Not so easily with my Linux running Mini10V.  For some reason, it claims that Bluetooth is turned off even though the BIOS and the software tells me that it’s on.  A quick internet search reveals that I’m not along so I’ll have to do some poking around when I’m feeling adventurous.

To quote Meatloaf, “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad”.

So, readers, was there any technology under your tree?  What did you get?

Oh, a bit of random useless information – search for “Magic Mouse” on and the top hits are some other mouse with an amusement park.

Continued best wishes for the holiday season.

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