I just found about Sprixi.  It looks like a new search engine devoted just for finding images that are licensed for friendly use under Creative Commons or in the Public Domain.  It’s so new that random searches create new topics but that’s OK.

I really like the concept for use in the classroom.

The interface looks like so many simple search engines.  You’ve got a box to enter your search terms so you type a term and let Sprixi do its thing.  Unlike simple search engines, though, the results of the search are what are so impressive to me.

The results appear in a dual-paneled screen.  In the left panel, you’ll see thumbnails of the images that Sprixi is offering up as a result of your search.  Preview them and choose the one that appeals to you.  It appears full-sized in the right panel.  Then, the magic begins.

Roll your cursor over the image and you’ll get a chance to rate the usefullness of the image – Sprixi is learning – and an opportunity to click on a button to resize the image for your purpose.  At the bottom, details about the image, its source, and its licensing appear.  On the right side of the screen is a “use” tab which provides you with the opportunity to download the image with credits or to just link the image and display the rights.

In a day and age when we’re trying to teach about copyright and respect for the works of others, this website really helps out.  They’re looking for a little love to share their presence so I would encourage you to give it a try and follow their “love” link to get some ideas about how to share the information on your favourite social platform.

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