Day 3 with Windows 7

Yesterday was a great day with Windows 7.  No hard reboots at all.  I’m taking that that is a good sign that I’m removing things that are no longer of any use.  One thing I did want to get though was the update to the Active Protective System from Thinkvantage.  I’m rough with my computers and so this laptop does get moved quite a bit and the current software is announced as incompatible with Windows 7.  Like what happens whenever I do anything with Thinkvantage, I have to update the updater first and the APS was available.  I decided to remove the modem driver since I never use it. It’s a little nervous because sometimes the modem driver is hooked into other integral parts of the system.  But, I was able to remove it.

APS wanted a reboot which made sense and, upon reboot, Windows notices the modem and insists on downloading updates from Microsoft Update.  Who am I to argue with Microsoft?  At the very least, I’ll have the latest driver.  I may be fickle, but at least I’m an easy going fickle.  System boots and life is good.  But, something is wrong.

Despite my Windows experience of 5, something is amiss.  Actually, a couple of things are amiss.  While the menu is nice, it still does require that you load the menu, go to a program group, and then launch your application.  I’ve learned about pinning applications to the taskbar but if I pin everything I need, it will be full upon loading.  Then, it dawned on me – I really used the Quick Launch toolbar.

No problem, I figure, it’s probably just disabled.  I right click on the toolbar and ask to see all of my Toolbars and there are the usual ones.  Links, Address, etc. but no Quick Launch.  That’s strange.  I know that I didn’t remove it in the upgrade from Vista.  It’s got to be around somewhere.  I do a search and the first result is “What happened to the Quick Launch Toolbar?”  It’s not included?  Hmmm.  That’s the way I do things, Microsoft.  Well, the early football game wasn’t terribly exciting so I decided to poke around the hard drive and found the Quick Launch toolbar from the old system at:  C:\Users\Doug\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer.  This really is important to me as many of the shortcuts from my old system had been moved to the Quick Launch.  I wonder if I could restore it?


Right click on the taskbar to create a new toolbar and I navigate my way through the hard drive (thank goodness I reveal hidden folders) and I select the folder and add it to my taskbar.  But, it’s at the wrong end!  Instead of being next to the Start button, it’s beside the clock.  And, it’s labelled too.  Surely that’s fixable and definitely it was.  Just unlock the task bar and the objects are movable.  Turn off the name and I drag the three apps that I use most Chrome, Seesmic Desktop, and FirstClass to the task bar for my quick and easy way of accessing applications rather than pinning and I’m happy.  I drag the others around on the Quick Launch bar to put them in alphabetical order and I’m really happy now.

There’s even the shortcut to Show the Desktop and it still works.  So, the trick is to open up the taskbar to show just the first three icons and then lock it again.  With the room for organizing icons gone, there’s now room for the four that I need.


Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera are still available from the Quick Launch so that I have all of the apps that I need for testing web pages.  I’ll use small icons so that I get more real estate.

Somewhere in the midst of all of the above, I noticed the little 3D button next to the clock and learned by accident the “Look at Desktop” and “Peek at Desktop” feature.  That’s going to come in handy.


I really feel a sense of accomplishment now.  As I’m using my computer, I have the functionality that I’ve grown accustomed to plus a knowledge of even more of Windows 7’s new features.

I love learning.

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