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Today is the first day of our Christmas Break so I should be relaxing, right?  Not this guy.

I’m anticipating that there will be a lot of computer Christmas gifts this year to take advantage of the public wireless network when we get back to work in 2010.  If you’re headed into any of the computer stores, you’re buying a computer with Windows 7 on it.  So, I figured that the two week hiatus from work would be the time to do the upgrade.  So, I got myself the software and finally got a chance to look at it yesterday afternoon.

Thankfully, Microsoft provides a utility to scan your system to see if you’re ready to upgrade.  I scanned this and I decided to do an upgrade in place.  With all of the stuff that I’ve installed over the couple of years that I had this computer, I received one of those “Geez, you need some hard drive space here, Doug” messages.  So, after I backed up my working files, I did a slash and burn on the applications that I’ve installed.  Windows wants at least 16GB of storage space but I managed to get her 20GB so that’s lots of room.  There was one application that had to go and lots of warnings about upgrades to be made but that’s OK.

It’s not like I didn’t like Vista.  I think I’m one of the ones that was good with it.  Once you get into a Vista mindset, things make a lot of sense.  Personally, I just tired of the 15 minute boot time that could be blamed on it and my desire to have a gazillion applications to run.  Plus, I need to know if eTeacher and Markbook, our two major reporting applications would run under Windows 7 and what little gotchas are there with them if they do.

In retrospect, I actually made a good decision for once.  I had done the backup and cleanup and was ready to go about 1:00pm.  I could start the upgrade process and let it run while I did a bunch of other things.  But, the little voice in the back of my head counselled me to wait and do it at home.  For once, the voices in my head made the right choice.  A quick internet search indicated that some upgrades in place could take 20 hours.  I was moving from Vista Business to Windows 7 Professional and I really did want to make it home for supper so delayed the upgrade until later.  It turns out this was a great choice.  While my upgrade wasn’t 20 hours worth, it did take almost 5 hours.

And, as smoothly as a 5 hour upgrade could be with its rebooting, it went relatively smoothly.  I figured I’d just get connected and let the system download any needed updates overnight.  But, I couldn’t get connected.  Well, I could get connected to my wireless; I couldn’t just go any further.  I was connected to MY access point but was getting a static IP from another setting.  D’oh!  The machine is a Lenovo and had the Thinkpad Thinkvantage apps on it and I’m guessing this is one of those that will need upgrading.  Time to sleep.  Maybe magic will happen overnight.


Still having the wrong connection which locks up everything else.  At least I know that holding down the power key for 10 seconds turns it off and there is a safe mode which you boot from an unnatural shutdown.  I delete the Thinkvantage Connections and set things manually, and here I am.  Connected; Windows Live Writer is working, upgrades are downloading in the background and I’m off to explore whatever else need fixing.

Back to work.

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