RCAC Symposium

I’d like to extend a special thanks to all that were able to join us at the Western RCAC Symposium in London today.  If you read my blog regularly, you know that I’m typically good for an early morning post.  Not so today.  It was up and at it for 5:30 to roll the red carpet out for our guests.  The Lamplighter Inn did a great job of setup for our event; you may have seen my Twitter message showing the empty ballroom and the guards doing their thing at the registration desk.  TelAV was great providing the AV setup and equipment.  The Symposium Committee was there throughout the day to address everyone’s needs and to make sure that the sessions went off flawlessly.  My sincerest thanks to those on our Committee. 

A very special acknowledgment has to go to the vendors who supplied door prizes for the event.  I’m compiling the list and they will appear on the Western RCAC website this weekend.

If you read the tweets as they came through, there sure appeared to be a lot of serious community learning happening.  One of the unfortunate parts about being the chair of the event is that you spend the day problem solving and sometimes miss the opportunity to fully participate in the learning.  So, I’m writing this entry asking for a quick education.

What one thing did you learn at the Western RCAC Symposium today?  Please teach me just one thing you learned today.  Thanks.

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