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The world was a-buzz yesterday when the announcement went out that Google Chrome was now available for Linux and Macintosh operating systems.  Sure, it’s a Beta but what isn’t these days?  So, I went and got myself the new titles.  I’ve been using it off and on with my Windows computer for a while.

I really like the speed of the program.  It loads quickly, pages render quickly, and it does all the great things that a browser should.  It took this guy a while but I even got quite used to the search being integrated into the address bar.  I like that help is online so that it’s always updated and giving you the best that it can.  It’s not as easy to do a search on a different search engine, but it is a Google product so that’s understandable.

Yet, Chrome has not become my preferred browser.  I was a diehard Flock fan and then gravitated to Firefox.  I really like the concept of the personalization of the browsing experience by choosing add-ons or plug-ins to help the cause.  Carefully selected, the browser can become you all-in-one place to go for everything that you need to have.  That’s very important to me.  It’s one of the areas where Flock and Firefox had always excelled.

In addition to the announcement of the Linux and Macintosh version of the browser, came the announcement that Google had devoted a page to add-ons which they’re calling extensions.  Now, I’m really excited and head over there immediately.


The challenge is to find the ones that will do what I need it to do.  I find a couple of my favourites immediately.  Adblock is important to me to speed up browsing; I need Delicious and Diigo support.  I’m intrigued by the Facebook support.  These are just a few to get me up and running.  They download and install easily.  Functionality seems to be at the developing stage.  They don’t have the same functionality yet that I’ve been accustomed to with Firefox.  Heck, I even changed the colour scheme.  But, it’s Windows only at this point.

But, I’ll persevere.  The speed of the Chrome browser makes it worth the effort to configure and consider whether or not to switch.

What’s your experience with Chrome?  What are your favourite extensions?  Has Google built the perfect browser for you?

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