RCAC Symposium

There has been a great deal of buzz as of late about the Western RCAC Symposium to be held in London at the Lamplighter Inn and Convention Centre this Thursday, December 10.  I thought that I’d spend a few moments to explain this.

First of all, Western RCAC stands for the Western Regional Computer Advisory Committee.  There was a time when all areas of the province had an RCAC.  Now, there is just the Western RCAC and COCA, the Central Ontario Computer Association.  Essentially, we are the computer consultants for our respective schools districts and we meet to learn together and to share best practices.

For years, the Western RCAC has held a one day Symposium designed to share the enthusiasm for the use of technology in the classroom with our principals, superintendents, and directors of education.  It’s a little unique in terms of computer conferences in that there is no vendor area and the focus is on sharing best practices, new trends, and just having conversations about how this might impact the classroom.

We hold the Symposium in December for goodness knows whatever reason.  You see, London is in the middle of a snow belt and we always seem to dance around interesting weather.  Where else would you engage your keynote speaker to help you dig your car from a snow drift?  Below, speaker David Pogue helps out.

But, the timing is good from an educational perspective.  The fall bugs have been shaken from computer networks and everyone is excited to try something new for the new year.  There are also, typically, no other professional development events to compete with.  It takes a brave group to have PD in December!  Since taking over as chair of this symposium, I have such a great track record of weather issues.

In addition to showing off regional successes, we do enjoy a couple of keynote speakers for the day.  This year, we are excited to have David Jakes and Leslie Fisher on our stage.  Last year, there was a bit of Twittering going on as a back channel and we’re suspecting that there might be a great deal more.  @msjweir and @zbpipe have organized a Tweetup on the Wednesday evening and the program itself is full of Twitter users.  We’re asking that people use the hashtag #RCAC09 to let us keep track of the conversation.

The program itself is spectacular.  You can check it out online at our website http://www.westernrcac.org or get a sense of the messages below.


It’s a  great day for learning for all and, if you’re in the Western Ontario region, we’d invite you to join us.  A number of members from COCA have over the years and that makes the day so rich for all of us.

Finally, I favourited this Tweet from @thecleversheep last year.  Here’s his advice.


I hope to see many of my blog readers on Thursday.

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