Connecting in St. Louis

I know that I’m going to be in the minority.  I’m attending the National Staff Development Council’s annual conference in St. Louis.  Just getting connected was interesting.  As I’m crossing the bridge to Detroit, my first welcome to the United States came in the form of a ping from my iPhone.  AT&T welcomes me to roam.  I know that I’ve got to change that because our IT guys indicated that our roaming goes with T-Mobile so when I get to the airport, I make the change.

No data but the phone works so I call the guys in IT and let them know.  I’m not the only one who is going here with board iPhones so he really should make sure that we’re all going to be connected.  Nothing before I get on the plane.  However, while waiting for luggage in St. Louis, something appears to kick in and so I’m connected.

My first twitter message was actually a picture from my hotel room.  Some of the rooms face into a courtyard with four sides of windows so I’m not getting a view of the arch.  So, I figure to get out and find the arch.

Apparently, some people from our board see me on the street. I’m told later that I have “Doug’s Walk”.  I have no idea what that means so I’ve got to figure out what that actually means.

I find the arch and check Twitter again and @cowpernicus indicates that he was here and didn’t know I was.  He was the one that was told about “my walk” and decided to see if I was twittering.  After a couple of exchanges, I’m invited on a tour with the group he’s with  and them some supper.  It was great.  I met some new friends from Texas, Alberta, New York, and Indiana.  My new friend from Texas and I exchange our list of apps and so I’m feeling pretty good about this.  My new friend from New York and I chatted about Commander Tom who was big on Buffalo television years ago.

Who else is here and what are they planning?  I open a search in Seemic Desktop and sadly, the search term NSDC returns only a handful of tweets.  I hope that this isn’t a sign of a non-connected conference.

Today, I’m off to a full-day session on the NETS for Teachers and Administrators.  I’m hoping that this will give me insights to the ISTE project and how it might apply in my context.  I know that my colleagues in Thames Valley and Waterloo speak of these standards quite a bit so I’m hoping to make today a great day of learning.

Undoubtedly, this will be material for a post for tomorrow.

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