Three things social media did for me yesterday

I was going to title this entry “You Never Know” and maybe I should but as I reflected on yesterday, I decided to go with what I did.  The message though is that you just never know who’s going to drop by and interact with your social media attempts.  I had three moments yesterday that just reinforced the power of this medium.

Yesterday, I posted a blog entry talking about the newly Ministry of Education licensed software “Passport to the Internet”.  It was my attempt to reach out to those Ontario and GECDSB teachers who missed my announcement in my December newsletter.  That’s fine.  What I didn’t expect was a response to the post from “Jill” who told me about a resource that they had developed.  Specifically targeted to teens, the short YouTube video talks about Facebook privacy settings.  It’s fast paced and has the content.  I had to play it twice to get the entire message whereas Bubby got it the first time through.  I guess that’s OK too.  It’s intended audience is a bit different from me.

Secondly, a teacher in our board and part of our Ontario PLP Network sent me a message indicating that she’d finally taken the leap and was ready for her blog to go public. Now, she’s an incredible writer, in my humble opinion.  She gave me a complimentary copy of her first book of poetry and I bought her second.  I like to take a quick moment to read a piece of poetry – it’s like reading a short and quick blog.  If you’re interested, check out her blog and there are details there about how to order your own copy.

Anyway, back to the social media bit.  I sent out this twitter message to help give it a good start.


And, son of a gun, people headed over there and read her message and commented.  I also encouraged her to post about it in our PLP Ning, she did, and got responses there.  I hope that this good start encourages her to continue.  Like most English teachers, she knows more words than I do.  Good words, and big words.  She also has the ability to put a lot of them together to make really good sentences.

Finally, to help me in this task, I received an unsolicited email.  Normally, I just delete these but it had the name of my blog in it so I did check it out and I’m glad I did.


I’m not naive enough to think that it’s directed to “my readers”.  It’s a message that I could use a little help with my own blogging!  So, I checked it out and there are some really good ideas there.  There are, in fact, enough that I’m going to spend some time there and maybe become a little bit better writer.

There’s my social media stories for yesterday.  What never fails to amaze me is the reach that this affords me.  I’ve learned so much by throwing my amateurish entries into the find and receiving so much back as a result.

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