Day: November 23, 2009

A Reminder

The contents of this story remind us all about the need to protect yourself and your computer when you connect and go online.  Seemingly, everyone is connected and doing something online these days.  Whether it’s heading over to Facebook, or even just doing a search on your favourite search engines, you’re connecting to a network that’s filled with all kinds of people and other things that are there for every purpose under the sun.  Unfortunately, some of this involves the spread of viruses designed to cause you, your computer, or your network harm.

But, it’s just computers, right?

Not any longer.

Within the past month, there have been a couple of reports of viruses specifically written for the iPhone.  The first incidence was supposedly a “proof of concept” and its goal was to change the wallpaper on your device.  From the BBC comes this report of another virus in the wild and this time it’s serious.

The attack appears to be directed at those who have “jail broken” their device.  The process allows the owner the ability to run an application that is not distributed through Apple’s distribution channel.  It’s a scary thought when you think about it.  While it would be devastating to have a computer virus come along and wipe out the data from your computer, could you imagine a scenario where you’ve purchased an iPhone so that you have, among other things, a telephone for emergency calls.  You go to use it in an emergency and it doesn’t work?

This gives us lots to think about and perhaps a second thought about how you treat your device.  At the same time, it should serve as a reminder about your computer.  Is your anti-virus up to date?

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