Day: November 22, 2009

Getting Famous Online

A while back, I stumbled upon a new musical duo who were just getting started in the business. The group is British and is called Georgia Wonder.

“They describe their music as The Carpenters driving Tom Petty to an R.E.M. gig but getting crushed under the wheels of Pink Floyd’s tour bus while arguing over whether to listen to ‘Love Shack’ by the B52’s or ‘Go your own way’ by Fleetwood Mac.” From the Georgia Wonder website.

They have an interesting business strategy. They put their entire first EP online for anyone to download for free and I grabbed all five of their songs from their site. They gained visibility with Julian twittering under the handle @georgiawonder on Twitter. Recently, Stephanie has joined Twitter as well. They promote their appearances by sending out notices on Twitter and through their website at I really liked their material and Stephanie’s haunting vocals on “Girl You Never Knew” is something I really enjoy. So, I starting doing a little re-tweeting when Julian would post a message and they actually sent me an autographed copy of their first EP. From the beginning, they have used social media to get noticed. You’ll see them on Twitter, Facebook, Bebo, MySpace, etc. They also have their own channel on YouTube.

Their site now points you to a bandcamp site:

Stephanie does the vocals and Julian does their music and mixes it with Logic Pro and Pro Tools. By their use of all of this free social media, they’ve managed to get their music in front of so many people. Julian’s blog talks about it and their success using BitTorrents and Pirate Bay to promote their efforts.

Just recently, they were featured in a three piece article entitled “How to Get Famous Online” –…

It’s a fascinating story and one must be so impressed, not only with their music, but with their efforts to promote themselves. It’s certainly different than the traditional approach. Instead of energies spent by hiring a PR firm, they are using their social media connections and their time/efforts to do the same thing. Just consider what audience they’re now reaching.

I would encourage you to visit their website and explore what they’re doing. Their “Made in Nevada” project sounds so interesting. Now, you can purchase their efforts on iTunes. If you can, buy a song or tune and help this duo really make it.

Is this the future of entrepreneurship that we need to be bringing to the classroom?

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