Day: November 5, 2009


Have you ever been to a presentation given by a person using a Macintosh computer?  One of the impressive things that presenters will do is zoom in and out on a presentation screen so that you can read it.  It’s a very effective technique if you’re showing something with small print like a website to your audience.  Then, you’ll see them zoom out, reposition, and then zoom into some other location on the screen.  It’s part of the Universal Access feature and originally designed for folks who may have challenges reading the small print.

All that you have to do is press the Command key and use a couple of fingers on the touchpad to zoom in and out.

Well, Ubuntu has the same feature – only better!  It’s really handy when you connect to a data projector for presentations to be sure.  There’s nothing better than blowing up the text for your audience.  With the smaller screen real estate, it’s a really nice feature to have.

How do you do it?  It involves holding down the Windows key.  There’s got to be some use for it on a Ubuntu computer, right?  So, hold down the Windows key and then use the scroll button on your mouse if one is connected.  If it’s not connected, just swipe a single finger up and down on the scroll area of your touchpad.  On my Mini 10v, it’s the right side of the touchpad.  However, there’s more to this than just zooming in and out.  Move your finger left and right and you can scroll anywhere you want on your desktop.

It’s a really handy feature.  Give it a try the next time you’re on your computer and see the effect.

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