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Dressing up the Dog

It’s been a while since Beauregard, the wonder dog, made his way into my newsletter or blog and I was just thinking on the way into work about a concept that I wanted to try out.  So, I put it together and I’m liking what I see.  If I had some more time, I could really dress it up but this is a first step of a concept.

I went to Wikipedia to check out their definition of dachshund.  It’s really well done.  I selected all of the text and copied it and headed off to Wordle and created a new Wordle based upon this text.  A little wordy so I chopped it back to 50 words and played with colour scheme and came up with this.


Not bad. However, I really don’t want all the black background so I brought it into Photoshop Elements and with the magic wand got rid of the black in the background and in the hollows of the letters.

Now, it’s time for the magic.  Into Elements, I bring Beauregard.  I know he’s styling with his bandana but it’s just a start.

If we’re studing dachshunds, let’s merge the wordle and the text.  As I’m looking at the Wordle, it just screams “frame” to me.  So, I take the Wordle from the image bin and position it in the bottom right corner.  Just for giggles, I copy another instance of the Wordle and rotate it to fit into the top left corner.

Kind of a neat concept – marrying the visual with the powerful imagery that Wordle affords.  That’s one well dressed up dog.
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7 responses to “Dressing up the Dog”

  1. Don’t you have real work to do???


  2. One might ask the same question of you.


  3. Hmmmm … into the dog grooming business now, eh Doug?
    Okay… I’ll send you my husky as your next challenge! One note of caution – she’ll eat your hand off if you try a bandana!


  4. I know we have lots of things in common – Charlie Chan etc. but you’re a dachshund person! I’m a big dog person – e.g German Shepherds. When I retire I hope to get one – after 58 years.

    Until that time, we only have cats.



  5. Beauregard !!! No one calls their dog Beauregard except in a Bugs Bunny cartoon.



  6. I really like what you did to the picture.


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