Like old friends

When @bruceetes asked if I would assist at the Ontario Teachers’ Federation event this weekend, I agreed immediately.  The event is a follow up to last February’s “Expanding Our Boundaries” event.  The focus is on social networking for education and personal professional development.  It really wasn’t much of a decision.  I want to know asContinue reading “Like old friends”

links for 2009-10-29

Knowclue – Tech Forum 2009 "As educators, much of our focus is on teaching students to encode and decode written language. Shouldn't we be applying the same rigor to helping them analyze, interpret and critically navigate the imagery that dominates communication today?" (tags: knowclue literacy media_literacy) Curriki – Computingacrossthecurriculum "Social computing is essential to theContinue reading “links for 2009-10-29”