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Not Yet for Me

Since Google announced the development of the Chrome OS, I have had a search tab in Seesmic Desktop searching for Chrome.  I’ve seen lots of comments about the browser, chrome bumpers, and the occasional announcement about the Chrome OS.  I didn’t get really excited until this weekend when the comments indicated that a preview release was ready for download.

I recall a comment made by my first Superintendent.  “Do you always have to be the first to try new things?”  I also recall my response.  “Why yes, yes I do.”  I remember thinking that might be a career ending comment but his response was assuring – “Good, that’s the way we do things”.

So, when the announcement of the Chrome OS came about, I anxiously headed over to download it.  In education, we seem to have hit a critical mass of computer technology in the classroom.  With current purchases maxing out budgets, we’re never going to get more technology available for students unless something changes.  With the advent of Netbooks, we could be looking at a more affordable box.  With a Linux based operating system, we could be looking at an affordable solution that drops the price by up to $100 for the OS.  There are Windows XP based machines available but they also require access to a CD-ROM drive for software installation.  Linux, and its repositories, is a sweet looking part of a potential solution.  We also know that Windows 7 is lurking on the horizon.  It may well be a race between the Chrome OS and Windows 7 to see who commandeers the desktop for the next little while.  It may also be that Microsoft does something about pricing to make Windows 7 a viable alternative.

It’s still early in the development cycle.  So, how close is it?

With all of this in my mind, I head over to the Chrome OS download site. One of the nice things about Linux solutions is that you typically can run them from a Live CD to see it before you install it.    Alas, it’s still too early in development.  There is no Live CD yet.  There is an archive that will give you an installation CD.  That requires a disposable computer for installation and I’m not in a position to do that.  My disposable computer already has partitions for Windows XP and Ubuntu.

So, for all my enthusiasm, I’m still going to wait.  It’s just not ready for me to take a look at … yet.

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