Happy 11th Birthday, Google

If you visit the Google search engine this morning, you’re reminded that it’s birthday time.  This time, it’s number 11 for the internet giant.

Is there no doubt that this service has revolutionized most things that we do online?  They weren’t the first – I recall using Altavista exclusively before this upstart came along.  Now, I can’t imaging a day when I don’t use any one of the many services that are provided.  Last year, for their tenth, an interactive timeline showed the growth and development of the popular service.

In addition to services added, acquired, and refined over time, the logo has changed as well.  Neatorama shows the evolution of Google’s and other service’s logos.  It makes for a nice nostalgic wander through the past to let us know how we got where we are today.

Probably nothing is so powerful than when a brand name replaces the generic name and everyone knows what you’re talking about.  How often do we look for a Kleenex when we really want a tissue?  Or, we’ll use a SMARTBoard when what we’re really making reference to an interactive white board.  The expression “Google It” is commonly used in place of “search for it”.  And, why not?  If you can’t find it using the Google Search engine, does it really exist?

Over the years, Google has expanded to offer more than just search.  Look to Gmail, Blogger, Google Video, Google Earth, Maps, News Feeds, Translations, YouTube, Reader, Sites, and Documents as big productivity tools.  And yet, at the heart of each of these searches is powerful search functionality.

So much of what we do online revolves around Google somewhere.  Innovation and functionality are hallmarks of what we come to expect when something has the Google logo attached.

Happy birthday to Google.  From an end user perspective, it’s been a great 11 eleven years and I wish you even more.

Can you imagine what’s in the offing in five years when Google is old enough to drive?

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