There Has To Be A Better Way

One of the best applications ever that I’ve got on my iPod is Twittelator. There’s no two ways about it. With Twittelator, I’m able to monitor my Twitter account very comfortably in any location where I’m able to get a wireless connection.  It serves me nicely and beats leafing through year old magazines while waiting for appointments.  Note to anyone who wants my business but still requires a waiting room sentence – provide free wireless.

This past week, the Twitpocalypse hit again.  Read more, but basically the popularity of Twitter has created all kinds of problems just counting the number of tweets.  I know that I’m part of the problem but that’s neither here nor there.  I rely on Twittelator so much and, unfortunately, a bug in its code has caused it to stop working the way that it should.

According to the developer, a fix has been made and uploaded to the App Store distribution.  As a coder myself, I know the sinking feeling that you get when something doesn’t work and you want to fix everything to keep customers happy.  After all, Twittelator Pro is a commercial applicaition.

In this day and age, where do you turn for a solution?  Twitter, of course.  There’s a big stream of comments about the Twittelator situation.  In the midst of this is a message from the developer indicating that the fix has been made.  So, I head to my iPod to get the update and nada.  In the worst case, there are people twittering that they’re about to abandon the program.

Here lies the problem.  Before the update can be made and pushed out, it must get the approval from the folks at the App Store and, as of a minute ago, it still hasn’t happened.  It’s frustrating.  In his Twitter account, Andrew Stone has indicated that he has “begged” Apple for a quick release.

So, I wait.

But, there has to be a better way.  I can understand the desire of Apple and the App Store to have control over the type of applications that are delivered.  Once released though, there needs to be a quick mechanism for developers to deliver updates and patches without have a long delay.  The Twittelator website indicates that the current version is 3.3 but the App Store is still shipping 3.2 which has the problem.  (Just deleted and reinstalled the application)

There has to be a better way.

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