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Again, yesterday, I was in awe of the reach that a simple posting to a blog and then the followup announcement that gets sent to Twitter.  Once interested, people do take action.

Yesterday, I announced that the Ministry of Education has licensed provincial access to Bitstrips for Schools.  This is a fantastic comic / graphic novel writing resource that should serve to motivate and inspire students in their writing and the way that they see things. The results were not quite what I expected.

My friend @aforgrave posted a long and thoughtful entry to his blog and showed off his graphic novel writing skills in the body of the post.  He claims to be up and running in 15 minutes.  Of that, I have no doubt.  The setup and interface is so easy and intuitive.  I’ll bet that his class is doing something spectacular shortly.

The comic also talks about the difference between the way that software could be delivered via CD-ROM versus by the web.  With a CD-ROM, it could take a while and, with schools doing imaging annually (I know of one big board that does it every three years…), he was up and running right away.  The original email message has been sent to board contacts who ultimately will deliver it to their system.  With the power of Twitter, the announcement appears immediately.  Such is the power of the reach. He’s not in my board but it really doesn’t matter.

Today is Day 3 of the three day CIESC marathon for me.  In Days 1 and 2, we took an initial look at Bitstrips for Schools and had some reports from people who went back and used the resource immediately with their students.  Such is the power of the product that students are immediately able to turn their creativity into a finished product.

Then, of course, there are also my friends who decided to inflict me with their sense of humour.  I can’t talk about it here but I must admit that I had more than a little smile on my face.

Finally, I awoke this morning to a Help Desk cartoon from one of our teachers who read my tweet.  Seems that there’s something amiss with her SMART Board.

Except for the shoes, this is an incredible comic likeness to the real person.

I wonder how the Help Desk is going to take comic pleas for help.

Hey, folks, we’re off and running with this new resource.

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