iPod Applications

I read this post with interest and expected to find much of my favourite applications installed.  Imagine my surprise when I found that not a single one was on my iPod!  On my iPod, I would classify the following:

Most Practical
These are utilities to get done what I need done.

Twittelator – My connection to Twitter when using the portable device.

Facebook – More of my friends are using this platform rather than email or posting to stay in touch.

FirstClass – Probably to be expected but it’s our email platform so it makes sense to have the client.

Instapaper – I use this to bookmark websites for later reading.  I learned about it through my Twittelatro installation.

Air Mouse – This utility lets me turn my iPod into a remote control for presentations.

Tausendstern RPN Calculator – RPN is a powerful technique that is probably lost today but this app makes me remember my HP RPN calculator.

Best Games
I’m not using this for a major gaming platform yet – we have Facebook for that – but the following are great little engaging timewasters.

Awesome Facts Pro – You can never have enough trivia and information.

Unblock Me – One of the most addicting games I’ve run across in a long time.

UnBlock Me

iSlots – No further explanation is necessary.  Cheaper than visiting the Casino.

What can I say?  I used to watch television….

World Wiki – I’ve always been a sucker for geography and geographical trivia.

Yonac Steel Guitar – A commercial offering that just went free.  I played the steel guitar as a youth.

Urban Spoon – I was a sucker for this when it made an Apple commercial!

CoolIris – The only way to search for images online or on your device.

So, that would be my response to the original post.  However, I’m inspired to try out the recommended applications from the article this weekend.  Who knows?  My next favourite might be on that list.

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