After posting the blog entry yesterday, I didn’t feel right somehow.  That somehow came clear through the emails.  The YouTube versions of those videos are blocked by our firewall so you can’t use them in class.  Thankfully, they are available on TeacherTube for my friends who need them Did You Know? – by Karl FischVersionContinue reading “Sigh”

links for 2009-09-17

Mashable – Blog – BUSTED: Burglar Arrested After Checking Facebook During Robbery So apparently it actually works both ways: careless Facebook use can both get you robbed and get you arrested for burglary. (tags: Facebook crime icsxx) iPhone 3.1 Software Walkthrough | The iPhone Blog iPhone 3.1 Software Walkthrough (tags: iphone itunes blog update) SmartContinue reading “links for 2009-09-17”